Lab4more – Lab wants to be more …

…than just the performer of routine “blood analyses” constrained by the financial boundaries of our health system, which restricts itself to the bare necessities.

…than an agent of “conventional medicine” appointed by institutionalised money managers.

…for the physician, the therapist, the patient with its extensive insight into the possible laboratory methods, including experiences and knowledge in biochemical aging research, functional immunology and orthomolecular medicine.

Lab4more — Lab can be more…

…because it specifically implements the most advanced technologies available in today’s laboratory medicine, creating individual and significant diagnostic profiles.

…because it combines the advantages of modern large laboratories with their standardised high-speed diagnostics, with the merits of a small and highly specialized laboratory.

…because an individual and detailed result is delivered based on the information sent in by the physician or therapist.

Lab4more — Lab achieves more…

…being a part of preventive medicine and not only being called into action when clinical complaints make the laboratory diagnostic necessary.

…because it connects biochemical and immunological functional analytics with the existing knowledge of nutrition, exercise and orthomolecular medicine.

…because selected physicians and therapists in close contact with Lab4more specialists (biochemists, immunologists, ecotrophologists) work out a guide for lifestyle modifications and nutrition based on the individual results and offer an efficient orthomolecular therapy option.