In the fall of 2007 to date unknown occurrences were observed in Germany – the acquisition of medical labs by investors and industrial laboratories. The industrialisation of laboratory medicine was well underway. The – not undesirable – price collapse for laboratory values “produced” in huge amounts, has since then been accompanied by a growing alienation between the medical laboratories and the recipients of their services. Within industrial laboratories obviously economical aspects override the individual relationships between physicians, institutions, therapeutics or patients.

Lab4more has deliberately and successfully been working against this trend with its statement to be “more than just a laboratory”.

Based on the assets acquired in fall 2007 from the ANT.OX concept of PD Dr. W. P. Bieger, Lab4more has since then continually been developing its program of independent and integrated laboratory diagnostics, including the integration of special laboratory tests, individualised report interpretation and counselling as well as therapy concepts.

Steps along the road were

  • acquisition of Immumed Ltd. (May 2008)
  • cooperation with MVZ Labor Bavariahaus (January 2010)
  • cooperation with the Medizinische Laboratorien Düsseldorf (March 2010)
  • Extension of the existing competence in dental laboratory diagnostics by acquisition
    the assets of the former Parident Ltd.; thereby rounding of the concept with a high
    professional expertise in the area of periodontitis diagnostics (November 2012)

Today Lab4more is a partner to more than 500 physicians, dentists, institutions and therapeutics in- and outside of Germany.

More than 40 educational seminars with over 1000 participants are proof of the need for a concept as represented by Lab4more.